UBC announces changes for NERCC and New York
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This morning, UBC General President Douglas McCarron announced that the Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters was dissolved and local union affiliates were merged into other existing councils, including the New England Regional Council of Carpenters. The local unions newly affiliated with the New England Regional Council include geographic jurisdiction throughout the state of New York, with the exception of New York City.

Local unions 291, 290, 279, 276 and Local 277 are now affiliated with the New England Regional Council of Carpenters. Additionally, members of Local 251 who reside in New York state will be transferred to a local union affiliated with NERCC closest to where they live and members of Local 252 who reside in New York are now members of Local 51 in the New England Regional Council.

This move follows a decades-long trajectory of aligning regional councils with membership and market share. UBC General President McCarron said "Creating opportunities for our members and employers is the foundation of every decision we make. Since the last reorganization, we see further opportunities to consolidate council jurisdictions to match the construction markets throughout the Eastern corridor."

The expansion of the New England Regional Council will not only significantly increase the union's market share growth opportunities, but will also strengthen their members' collective bargaining power with other sectors.

Tom Flynn, Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the New England Regional Council of Carpenters welcomed the staff and members of the New York-based local unions.

"We see this as a tremendous opportunity to increase the voice of our members on the job and at the bargaining table throughout the area. While there is work to be done in joining our operations, we're confident that work schedules for our members and employer-contractors will not be interrupted during the process. We look forward to a stronger future with increasing market share for union carpenters and contractors."

The New England Regional Council of Carpenters will be communicating with members on, using social media, other technology and through their local unions. We hope to answer all relevant questions as quickly as possible.