Meet our Community

You have to take advantage of what you can for training... I take all the classes I can.

NERCC Member Since 2000

George first joined Carpenters Local 424 in 1999 after working nonunion for many years. He credits the union with being a “much more professional atmosphere,” where safety is not only a training requirement for members, but it is also an enforced and monitored practice on jobsites.

Although he has found a niche area he likes to work in, exterior panels, George has taken advantage of various training opportunities throughout his career. He sees skills upgrade training as an important component of being a well-rounded carpenter.

“You never know when you might need a certain skill. So I take every class that I can.”

George has taken advantage of the wide variety of training opportunities made available, at no cost, to all union members. He has participated in OSHA, Scaffold, First Aid/CPR, Lull, and Best Practices in Health Care Construction training classes, to name a few.

“To get this type of training, you can’t beat it.”

What has the Union meant to you?: “A lot of stability.”